Oktopus Productions is a film collective started by Amber Jacobs and Gordon Hon. We make films and create events about what can be broadly described as the domestic uncanny. We are interested in psychosocial themes that emerge from the practices of everyday life and incorporate elements from horror, drama, fantasy  and comedy. We collaborate with people across disciplines, bringing together writers, artists, academics, audiovisual practitioners and performers.


  • Dissolving the technical and creative divide. Conventional film production makes clear distinctions between artists and crew within a definite hierarchical structure. We regard everybody involved in the production as a collaborator.
  • We believe that the avant garde is best expressed through everyday life and in art forms that are accessible. The ideal work of art is entertaining, subversive, accessible and experimental.
  • This is also reflected in the subject matter, which we broadly describe as the domestic uncanny. We are interested in where everyday life crosses into the fantastic or the weird.
  • We believe that political consciousness should always be part of the creative process, not as a form of censorship or polemic but in finding new approaches or imposing creative limitations.

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