A Hole with Two Ends

A Hole with Two Ends is the most recent short film from Oktopus. Written and directed by Amber Jacobs and Gordon Hon. The film is currently submitted to various festivals so we cannot publish it on our website yet.

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Left Notes (Jacobs/Hon 2015)

Oktopus’s current short film centres around the daily notes written by a mother to a
the person who is looking after her children, and the story these notes do (or do not) tell. This film continues Oktopus Collective’s interest in the practices of everyday life and the modes of being and relationally that such acts of seemingly mundane practices and communications can produce. Left Notes addresses the domestic uncanny and the fusion of distance and proximity as well as the relation between the minutiae of everyday life, survival and the cosmic.
This film is in the process of being made. (October 2015)